AI-Driven Insights: Data Analysis Reinvented by Rows

Picture this: a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just a sidekick to your analytical tasks but plays the leading role in data-driven decision making. Welcome to Rows, where you gain access to the transformative power of AI to analyze, summarize, and transform data. Imagine having an intelligent system that boosts your productivity, helping you build better and faster spreadsheets without the need for formulas, scripts, add-ons, or code.

Analyze Data Faster: Quick Insights and Deep Dives

Rows lets you skip the tedious process of formula creation and data cleaning. Instead, it encourages you to go straight for the insights. With just a glance, you can summarize key takeaways from your dataset. No more squinting at endless rows and columns; instead, you receive digestible, actionable insights.

Yet, Rows does not stop at surface-level understanding. It allows you to go beneath the surface, revealing the trends and patterns hiding within your data.

The Power of AI: ChatGPT Inside a Spreadsheet

Ever felt the need to ask your dataset a question? With Rows, you can. Empowered by the cutting-edge AI model, ChatGPT, you can now interrogate your data directly, giving you a more interactive approach to data analysis.

Classify and Tag Text with Ease

Rows brings order to the chaos of unstructured data. With its intelligent system, you can automatically tag and classify any type of text. Be it social media posts, support tickets, feedback surveys, or product reviews, Rows makes understanding and analyzing these data types a breeze. You’ll gain insights for faster resolutions, understand customer sentiments, and know what to improve in your products.

Execute Marketing Campaigns like Never Before

No longer will you face the daunting task of a blank page when starting your marketing campaigns. Let AI generate the first draft for you. From unlimited keyword ideas to identifying powerful keyword themes, Rows enables you to execute your marketing campaigns with efficiency and innovation. It also supports content creation, generating infinite ideas for blog post titles and outlines.

Summarize and Transform Text

With Rows, you can apply logic rules to text, summarize it, and translate it to any language. It simplifies and speeds up the process of digesting customer feedback, cleaning up location data, or making sense of NPS comments. This leads to quicker, more informed actions that can transform your business outcomes.

Ask Anything with ASK_OPENAI

Rows takes the versatility of a spreadsheet and merges it with the potential of AI, empowering you to ask anything with a simple formula: ASK_OPENAI. This command sends custom prompts and utilizes specific AI models from OpenAI. It makes prompts dynamic by allowing the use of cell references inside them. Plus, it grants you the flexibility to add any formula inside the prompt, enabling concatenation of text, performing calculations, and more.

Embrace the future of data analysis with Rows. Experience the ease and speed of making data-driven decisions like never before. As your personal data analyst, Rows combines the power of AI with the convenience of a spreadsheet, bringing data analysis into a new era.