Crafting Visual Stories Made Effortless and Efficient

The internet is saturated with content, making it crucial for brands and individuals alike to stand out with compelling, professional visuals. That’s where Simplified, a no-code, AI-powered graphic design tool, steps in, offering stunning graphic designs that are truly made together.

A Graphic Design Revolution

At the heart of Simplified lies an amalgamation of revolutionary design features aimed at saving time and money. One-click AI-powered graphic design tools, millions of free photos, and thousands of design templates come together to make the designing process seamless.

One such tool is the Background Remover, which enables users to erase backgrounds from images with just a click. This functionality paves the way for custom product listings, advertisements, campaigns, and more. The Magic Resizer takes it a step further, offering instant resizing of designs for Instagram stories, Facebook posts, banners, flyers, and other platforms, scaling your content within seconds.

Simplified also boasts of Brand Kits, letting you create and incorporate your brand logos, fonts, and colors into designs. The ability to generate unlimited Brand Kits and share access with teams and clients equips users with unlimited creativity and collaboration.

Designing for All

Simplified is a no-code platform crafted for everyone. It simplifies designing, be it invitations, advertisements, social media posts, videos, and more. The platform fosters creation and collaboration with your team and allows online publishing, all in one place.

Simplified’s AI-powered graphic design tool enables you to explore thousands of templates and bring new ideas to life. With no graphic design experience needed, you can create posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, and stunning logos for free.

One-Click Editing Tools

Simplified offers a range of one-click editing tools to streamline your design process. Resize designs for various platforms, crop images with pre-set ratios, animate elements with intro and outro animations, remove backgrounds in seconds, and replace any graphic with watermark-free images from the extensive stock library.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Invite your team members to edit, manage, tag, and comment on projects. With Simplified, teams can leave feedback, gain approvals, finalize designs, and collaborate in real-time. The platform also provides the ability to create separate folders for clients and projects, ensuring a well-organized workspace.

Design with Professional Templates

Simplified’s collection boasts thousands of beautiful templates to create content, brand assets, social media posts, graphics, banners, and more in just minutes. Choose design components, images, and elements from the Premium Asset Library, animate anything in one click, and let your designs truly pop.

Streamlined Designing and Publishing

Simplified makes connecting your social media accounts, importing or creating your designs, and scheduling posts a breeze. The Content Calendar allows you to plan thousands of posts weeks or months in advance, offering an efficient approach to content creation and distribution.

Do More with Simplified

Simplified presents a wealth of resources and guides for free online video editing, custom logo creation, resizing videos to YouTube dimensions, creating stunning YouTube channel art, and one-click background removal. Plus, it provides guides to TikTok videos, Open Graph images, and much more.

The platform offers premium stock videos, animations, and royalty-free audio for a comprehensive design experience. Simplified’s AI Writer, Content Rewriter, Long Form Writer, and Company Bio generator offer SEO-driven, plagiarism-free content in seconds, improving brand awareness and conversion rates.

Streamline Your Social Media Management

Simplified ensures efficient planning, publishing, and analysis of all your social media content in one place. Features such as the Google Chrome Extension, Link Shortener, and Schedule Posts make managing your social media channels effortless. The platform’s unlimited workspaces, real-time comments, and folders for workflow provide an organized, modernized workflow for marketing teams.

Simplified offers an all-encompassing solution for graphic design, content creation, and social media management. Be it for individuals, small teams, or big agencies, Simplified stands as a reliable tool to foster creativity, collaboration, and efficiency. Experience the revolution in design with Simplified today!