Relume Tools: Accelerating Web Design in the Digital Age

In the ever-evolving landscape of web design, the need for innovative tools that cater to the demands of no-code and generative AI is more crucial than ever. Relume, a dynamic team of developers, designers, and creatives, has seamlessly transitioned from an agency to a product company, offering a suite of tools and resources that empower thousands of Figma designers and Webflow developers.

Mission and Evolution

Relume’s mission is clear: to help web designers thrive in the era of no-code and generative AI. Originally established as an agency, the team has adapted and transformed into a product-centric company, providing indispensable tools and resources to the design community.

Site Builder: Unleashing the Power of Imagination

Ship Faster with Site Builder

Say goodbye to time-consuming wireframes and sitemaps. Site Builder empowers designers to generate production-quality sitemaps and pages with unprecedented speed, all while keeping Figma and Webflow closed.

Prompt, Plug, and Play

The flexibility of Site Builder is truly impressive. Swap any component from the Relume library seamlessly, with the assurance that it will integrate effortlessly into your design.

Light. Speed.

Designed exclusively for sitemaps and wireframes, Site Builder ensures a lightweight, swift experience, allowing designers to focus on the creative process without the constraints of cumbersome tools.

Build with the Right Foundations

Site Builder stands out by avoiding AI-template gimmicks. It leverages a robust design system and a component library comprising 1000+ components tailored for Figma and Webflow.

First Draft in the First Minute

Bored of lorem ipsum? Site Builder revolutionizes the content creation process by generating copy for all pages, providing a platform where switching components for infinite variations is as easy as a click.

Plays Well with Others

Two Apps, One Paste

Site Builder seamlessly integrates with the tools you already love. Copy elements and paste them wherever you need, streamlining your workflow.

Ditch the Pitch

Convince clients with simplicity. Site Builder allows you to share your design with just a link, eliminating the need for elaborate presentations.

Name Neatly

Site Builder takes care of the details by automatically naming classes, allowing designers to focus on the core aspects of their project.

Sync with Style

Effortlessly sync style guides for quick, broad changes, ensuring consistency throughout your design.

One Size Fits All

Design on desktop, and Site Builder automatically adapts to create mobile designs, saving valuable time in the development process.

Relume Library Figma Kit: Elevating Figma Design

Access the World’s Largest Collection

The Relume Library Figma Kit provides access to over 1,000 unique layouts, inspired by the best marketing websites globally. It’s the fastest way to design a website in Figma.

Features Galore

From page templates and e-commerce layouts to marketing sections and application UI, the Figma Kit offers a comprehensive set of features. Plus, new components are added every month, ensuring a continuously evolving design toolkit.

Built Using Best Practices

The components in the Figma Kit adhere to best practices, enhancing your Figma workflow instantly. With features like Auto Layout 4.0, component properties, variants, and a lightweight design system, your design process becomes seamless.

Responsive Layouts

The Figma Kit doesn’t just stop at desktop design. With mobile variants and content swapping, it caters to the demands of responsive design effortlessly.

Supercharge Your Workflow

Webflow Components

Access Webflow counterparts for all Figma components, bringing your designs to life seamlessly.

Copywriting at its Best

Accelerate your content creation with the fastest way to write copy for your website, ensuring your message is clear and compelling.

Open Source Icons

Explore open-source icons for Webflow and Figma, adding a touch of creativity to your designs.

Pricing Plans

Relume offers flexible pricing plans to cater to diverse needs:

  • Free Plan (Figma): Perfect for designers working exclusively in Figma, with a vast array of components and layouts.
  • Starter Plan: Ideal for those ready to take their process to the next level, offering mobile variants and continuous updates.
  • Pro Figma Kit: Unlock the full potential with access to over 1,000 desktop layouts, mobile variants, and additional Webflow components.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relume addresses common queries, ensuring transparency and clarity for users:

  • Commercial Projects: Yes, you can use Relume tools for commercial projects.
  • Free File Updates: The free file continues to receive new components.
  • Subscription Impact: Cancelling a Relume Library subscription won’t affect access to the Pro Figma Kit.
  • Free Trial Access: The Pro Figma Kit is accessible during the free trial of the Starter Plan.
  • Future Components: Relume commits to adding more components in the future.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Components in the free Figma kit are indeed mobile responsive.


In conclusion, Relume stands as a beacon for web designers, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that enhance creativity, streamline workflows, and cater to the demands of modern design practices. From Site Builder’s rapid prototyping to the expansive Figma Kit and Webflow components, Relume has positioned itself as a must-have ally for designers navigating the complexities of the digital landscape.

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Relume’s commitment to innovation, user satisfaction, and continuous improvement makes it a valuable asset in the toolkit of every web designer and developer.