Brighter.AI: Innovating Visual Data Anonymization Solutions

Brighter.AI emerges as a game-changer with its innovative image and video anonymization software. Let’s delve into the world of Brighter.AI and explore how its solutions, Precision Blur and Deep Natural Anonymization, are reshaping the landscape of data privacy.

Protecting Every Identity in Public

Face Anonymization

In the realm of facial recognition technology, Brighter.AI’s Precision Blur stands out as the most accurate face redaction solution globally. Deep Natural Anonymization takes it a step further by generating non-reversible synthetic face overlays, safeguarding individuals from recognition while maintaining data quality for analytics and machine learning.

License Plate Anonymization

Brighter.AI’s Precision Blur extends its prowess to advanced video redaction for license plates worldwide. Deep Natural Anonymization replaces license plates with replicas, ensuring no negative impact on neural networks and making it a viable solution for autonomous driving.


Brighter.AI’s solutions offer a myriad of benefits:

  • Avoid Non-Compliance Fines & Protect Reputation
  • Improve Time to Market
  • Decrease Legal & Operational Costs
  • Monetize Your Data & Foster Innovation
  • Enable Analytics & AI
  • Empower Data Exchange & Accelerate Data Collection


Brighter.AI caters to various industries, including:

  • Automotive: Development of AD/ADAS functionalities
  • Healthcare: AI-based medical devices training & R&D
  • Public Sector: Safety, security & better CX
  • Research: Data collection & cross-border data sharing


Precision Blur

  • Selective Redaction: An intuitive interface for personalized anonymization in videos.
  • Custom Redact Settings: Fine-tune detection thresholds for optimal redaction results.
  • Redaction Areas: Flexibility for PIIs removal tailored to specific needs.
  • API Integration: Seamlessly integrate into products and services with a user-friendly REST API.

Deep Natural Anonymization (DNAT)

  • Compatibility with Machine Learning: DNAT allows the use of video and images for AI development while complying with privacy regulations.
  • Preservation of Original Data Quality: Maintains age, gender, ethnicity, facial expression, gaze, movement, and eyelid position for analytical use cases.

Our Products

Precision Blur

  • Key Features: Random function for non-reversible AI-based redaction.

Deep Natural Anonymization

  • Key Features: Synthetic replacement of personal identifiers for enhanced privacy.

Anonymizing Made Easy

Brighter.AI’s portal simplifies anonymization:

  • Everything in One Place: Centralized portal for all anonymization services.
  • Usage Dashboard: Track the number of images and videos anonymized.
  • Manage Your Account: Easily handle contact details and subscriptions.

Anonymize Data in 3 Simple Steps

The intuitive user interface guides users through:

  1. Select Files: Choose images or videos for anonymization.
  2. Choose Settings: Customize redaction preferences.
  3. Start Anonymization: Track status and download results.

Fast and Easy API Integration

  • API for Developers: Developer-friendly solutions for seamless integration.
  • Absolute Privacy: Highest data privacy standards adhered to throughout the process.
  • Highest Security Standards: TLS encrypted API processing data in a secure MS Azure cloud in Europe.


Brighter.AI emerges as the only fully compliant anonymization software, offering scalability, speed, and future-proof solutions. Whether you’re in automotive, healthcare, public sector, or research, Brighter.AI provides a robust platform for data privacy and innovation.

Overall Rating: 4.8/5