Domo.AI: Empower Business Growth with AI Excellence

Domo.AI, with its cutting-edge AI capabilities, offers a comprehensive solution to not only grow your business but also make the most out of your data investments. In this review, we’ll delve into the convergence of AI and impact through the lens of Domo.AI’s trusted, flexible AI framework.

The Power of Generative AI

Domo.AI stands out by integrating machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics into its DNA. The AI Service Layer provided by Domo transforms the way organizations use and benefit from generative AI, including models like ChatGPT. The key here is putting data to work for everyone, enabling businesses to multiply their impact.

One of Domo’s standout features is its end-to-end connected data stack, touted as the most comprehensive in the world. This connectivity opens up myriad possibilities, including streamlined workflows, alert-based actions, and automated apps. What sets Domo apart is its commitment to delivering flexibility, security, and business value at scale, ensuring that AI is not just a tool but a strategic asset.

Benefits: Actionable Data Experiences

Domo.AI delivers actionable data experiences that scale, grounded in a framework that can be trusted. The seamless deployment, low-code simplicity, model flexibility, AI model management, governance, and security ensure a robust environment for businesses to thrive. Tracking AI usage and the option to explore capabilities through natural language chatting further enhance the user experience.

Scale AI Across Your Business, Faster

Domo.AI simplifies the process of developing and deploying AI/ML models, making them accessible through low-code and no-code data experiences. This democratization of AI allows organizations to implement AI into their operations and scale across the entire spectrum, irrespective of technical proficiency.

The end-to-end AI model management process is streamlined, covering everything from model creation to integration and optimization. This empowers business users to deploy AI across their organizations safely and securely, ensuring that the benefits of AI are realized without compromising on data governance.

Capabilities: What’s in Domo.AI?

AI Model Management: Domo’s AI Model Management feature allows users to manage their own models on a serverless basis. Integration with existing ML infrastructures or other API services is seamless, offering flexibility and adaptability.

AI Service Layer: This layer provides business users with access to AI services exposed in dashboards, apps, and workflows. Usage analytics and governance capabilities ensure a controlled and secure environment for data exploration.

Jupyter Workspaces: An integration with Jupyter for model creation and deployment adds a layer of development flexibility. Users can develop and run data science models and programmatic applications in familiar languages like R or Python.

AutoML: Accelerating model development, AutoML enables users to access machine learning insights through visualizations and data apps.

Scripting Tiles: Domo’s Magic ETL feature, powered by Scripting Tiles, allows the integration of custom R or Python algorithms directly into DataFlows for complex data science analyses.

Additional Capabilities

Conversational Insights: Coming soon, this feature will allow users to interact with data using natural language text, enabling text-to-SQL, text generation, and text summarization.

AI-Enhanced Dataset View Creation: The Advanced Views Editor enables users to create Dataset Views using natural language prompting, making it accessible for low-code users.

AI-Powered Beast Mode Editor: Unlock the power of Domo’s Beast Mode calculated fields with natural language text, making it more accessible to users without SQL knowledge.

Apps: Domo Bricks for AI, powered by ChatGPT and other AI capabilities, empower low-code developers to create AI-powered solutions.

Resources: Learn More about Domo.AI

Explore the depth of Domo.AI services and capabilities through videos, presentations, articles, and AI-powered Domo Bricks. Domo.AI opens up a world of possibilities, allowing businesses to transform their data into actionable insights.


Ease of Use: 5/5 Domo.AI’s low-code simplicity and intuitive interfaces make it easy for users at all levels of technical proficiency to leverage AI.

Flexibility: 4.5/5 With a comprehensive AI framework and end-to-end connected data stack, Domo offers unparalleled flexibility in deploying and managing AI models.

Security: 5/5 Domo’s commitment to security ensures that businesses can trust the platform with their sensitive data, providing a secure environment for AI exploration.

Innovation: 4.5/5 The inclusion of advanced features like Conversational Insights and AI-Enhanced Dataset View Creation showcases Domo.AI’s commitment to innovation.

Overall: 4.75/5 Domo.AI emerges as a powerhouse in the AI landscape, providing a robust, secure, and innovative solution for businesses looking to harness the power of generative AI.