Screenly: Empower Seamless Digital Signage Management

Screenly provides the hardware and software necessary to manage digital signs at scale, offering the ability to update and schedule content, monitor screen health, and integrate content from your existing tech stack.

How Screenly Works

Connect: Simply connect your digital signage player to your screen via HDMI. Log in and pair your digital sign with your online Screenly account.

Upload: Add various types of content to your digital signs, including images, videos, live web content, audio files, and more.

Manage: Change content, schedule content updates, build playlists, and monitor screen health from anywhere with an internet connection.

Your Content of Choice, in Stunning Resolution

Screenly enables you to showcase content in 1080p Full HD or dazzling 4K resolution. Whether you’re promoting new offers, displaying products, or keeping employees informed with data dashboards, Screenly has you covered.

Maximize Screen Uptime with Real-time Monitoring

With robust digital signage players and automatic software updates, Screenly ensures stability and security. Content is locally stored, guaranteeing display even during internet outages. Customizable alerts enable proactive issue resolution.

Say It Best with Screenly

Display your best content effortlessly with Screenly digital signs, equipped with features for easy management.

Developers: Digital Signage API

Screenly’s API seamlessly connects digital signs to existing tools, facilitating rapid integration and enhancing functionality.

Unlocking Creativity with Screenly

Screenly’s versatility has led to diverse use cases beyond expectations. The digital signage API empowers users to tailor content based on real-time data, from event promotions to weather-dependent product advertising.


Display Content: Easily showcase images, videos, web pages, and even audio-only content. Custom Screenly Edge Apps integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Resolution Flexibility: Display content in 1080p Full HD or 4K resolution, in landscape or portrait orientations, accommodating diverse needs.

Use Cases: Explore how Screenly benefits various industries and applications, maximizing its potential.

In Conclusion

Screenly revolutionizes digital signage management, offering an intuitive platform for seamless content deployment and customization. With its robust features and developer-friendly API, Screenly empowers businesses to unleash their creativity and captivate audiences effectively.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 🌟