What Are Deep Fakes?

November 9 2023 Business Desk What Are Deep Fakes

Deepfakes Are Ai-Generated Manipulations Of Digital Media Often Videos Or Images Using Deep Learning And Fake Technology. Source: Unsplash

They Involve Replacing A Person'S Face And Voice In A Video With Another'S Creating Convincing But Deceptive Content. Source: Unsplash

Deepfake Technology Uses Neural Networks For Face-Swapping Or Voice Cloning Relying On A Large Dataset Of The Target Person'S Images Or Voice Recordings. Source: Unsplash

The Term "Deepfake" Originated In 2017 Gaining Popularity Due To The Rapid Advancement Of Ai Making It Easier To Generate Such Content. Source: Unsplash

Efforts By Governments Tech Companies And Researchers Focus On Detection Methods Regulations And Preventive Measures To Address The Risks Associated With Deepfake Technology. Source: Unsplash