A.I. Transforms Travel Photos by Removing Crowds A.I. Transforms Travel Photos by Removing Crowds

With its cutting-edge A.I.-powered features that magically erase crowds from your city photographs, is revolutionising trip photography. Say goodbye to spending hours waiting for the ideal shot; Stillgram takes care of everything automatically so you can concentrate on the creativity and beauty of your surroundings.

Without the distraction of congested spaces, you may quickly and easily record creative scenes or priceless family moments using Stillgram. With the help of the app’s intelligence analysis of your photos, the crowds are eliminated, leaving you with gorgeous pictures that stand out. Stillgram makes sure that you and your closest pals are the focus of the photo even while you’re taking a selfie.

One unique aspect of Stillgram is Live Stillgrams, which turn a quick video of a crowded place into a picture of just you. It’s an engrossing method to talk about your travels and leave your pals wondering how you managed such an amazing feat.

Stillgram’s A.I. scans your photographs at breakneck speeds thanks to its optimisation for the Neural Engine of the iPhone, guaranteeing that your spectacular stillgrams are ready in no time. To provide a flawless user experience, Stillgram’s engineers have worked hard to make the software as quick as they can.


But Stillgram’s collective intelligence is where its actual strength rests. The A.I. gets stronger at reducing crowds as it analyses more photographs. You may aid Stillgram’s training network and advance your personal photography abilities by allowing anonymous auto-upload of your photos.

The software offers useful hints and methods so that users can get the most out of Stillgram. As the A.I. measures crowd density and functions better when there is some mobility, it advises users to aim towards moving crowds. On the other hand, stagnant crowds or people approaching the camera directly can make the A.I. less effective at producing the best results.

The rest is easy once you’ve established the proper angle. Simply press the button to start taking pictures with Stillgram. The perfect image is produced after the A.I. examines the patterns, eliminates the humans, and adds any missing information. It’s time to show off your incredible stillgrams and spread the happiness to your friends.

A game-changer in the field of travel photography is It enables you to take amazing pictures that completely immortalise your vacation experiences thanks to its simple crowd removal and user-friendly features. With, embrace the power of artificial intelligence and set out on a unique photographic adventure.