Newsroom AI Empowers Dynamic Web Story Creation

In the digital age, content is king. However, creating engaging, distinctive, and suitable content for every use case is not always an easy feat. Thankfully, with Newsroom AI, the task becomes simpler and the rewards are greater. In the realm of web storytelling, Newsroom AI is driving the narrative towards more dynamic, interactive and consumer-focused experiences.

Content Engagement Amplified

The power of web stories in driving engagement is unquestionable. When compared to traditional text-based landing experiences, web stories yield up to 20 times higher content engagement. That’s a monumental shift that can greatly benefit your brand’s digital presence.

The immersion doesn’t stop there. Users engaging with stories spend up to 1.4 minutes per session, a testament to the captivating power of the format. On average, users delve into 86% of the story content, actively watching, reading, listening, and engaging with interactive elements.

Brand Control and Ownership

Newsroom AI allows you to consolidate brand awareness by employing clear and consistent branding across all your stories. You can publish directly from the Newsroom AI platform to your domain, utilizing your existing CDN and infrastructure. This capability grants you full ownership and control of your content.

A New User Experience

We’re introducing an exciting new timeline that combines videos, text, quizzes, polls, shoppable elements, and more into a refreshing user experience. These are all engineered for mobile consumption, making use of a clear and easy-to-use interface to help readers navigate quickly or find further recommendations.

Mobile Preference and Google Discovery

With vertical stories tailor-made for your website, Google preference is guaranteed. A dedicated stories carousel is available in search and in several Google apps on both iOS and Android devices. Plus, Newsroom AI automatically handles your sitemaps, ensuring all your content is immediately discoverable once published.

Web or In-app Widgets

Our Discovery Studio is fully configurable, allowing you to manage your data sources and choose from multiple layout options. The Discovery Unit automatically presents new content published to your account under specific tag names, ensuring targeted and relevant content exposure.

A 360° Experience

Create an immersive 360° story-first destination with our Vertical Stories. These are hosted on your own domain and served via existing CDN, offering a new revenue stream with in-feed or in-story ad inventory.

Why Choose Newsroom AI?

Newsroom AI is a trusted enterprise-level platform used by leading global newsrooms in over 32 countries. Its advantages include:

  • WYSIWYG Web Story Builder: You can manage any number of shapes, media, or text layers with your scenes using the freestyle functionality.
  • Teamwork: Manage your brand elements and templates in one place, and create teams with different roles and asset permissions.
  • Domain Connection: Connect your domain so you can publish, save, or revise stories without subsequent uploads or invalidations.
  • Monetisation: Introduce a new edge-to-edge ad format that serves dynamically between your scenes.
  • Google Discover: Get your content ready for Google Discover with our advanced publish settings and format compatibility checklist.
  • Getty Images: Access over 300 million photos and videos with an unprecedented all-inclusive deal.

Newsroom AI’s distinct and holistic approach to web storytelling presents a golden opportunity to maximize your brand’s digital footprint. By driving engagement, maintaining brand integrity, enhancing user experience, and ensuring discoverability, Newsroom AI empowers you to bring your best ideas to life in the Web Story format.