Alexi: Revolutionizing Legal Research With AI Expertise

Modern legal teams face a daunting task: sifting through an ocean of legal data to find relevant and useful insights. This is where Alexi steps in – empowering legal professionals with high-quality, AI-driven research memos. Alexi enables you to “Know the Law with Confidence”, delivering key legal insights simply and effortlessly.

Powered by state-of-the-art, industry-grade generative AI, Alexi provides comprehensive and in-depth research memos. Covering jurisdictions across the U.S. and Canada, our platform ensures that you receive precise, relevant legal information, backed by caselaw, legislation, and secondary sources pertinent to your jurisdiction.

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI in Legal Research

Alexi’s success lies in harnessing the power of generative AI, combined with large language models like GPT-4. Our advanced domain-specific AI meticulously scours through a plethora of legal data, producing accurate, trustworthy, and reliable results. We’ve utilized our proprietary AI models, trained with over 30 million answers, to answer real questions from real lawyers over the past five years.

No Risk, All Reward

We are steadfast in our commitment to customer satisfaction. So much so, that we offer a redo of your memo free of charge until you are satisfied or provide a full refund.

Ensuring Quality with Human-in-the-loop

While AI forms the backbone of our service, human expertise is integral to maintaining the highest quality. Each memo generated by Alexi is verified and approved by our team of expert research lawyers. This human-in-the-loop approach ensures that you receive the most reliable and highest-quality research possible.

Leaders in Generative AI

Alexi has emerged as a leader in generative AI, simplifying the way leading practitioners understand key legal issues affecting their clients. With Alexi, legal professionals can focus on the most critical tasks, letting AI handle the complexities of legal research.

Simplifying Legal Research in Three Steps

Alexi’s platform is secure and easy to use, designed to streamline the process of legal research:

  1. Describe Your Research Needs: Share what you’re looking for, including relevant facts, and let Alexi take it from there.
  2. AI Reviews and Synthesizes Research: Alexi’s AI and research lawyers review millions of documents to find the most relevant caselaw and legislation.
  3. Alexi Produces a Research Memo: Receive a concise legal research memo complete with a conclusion, caselaw summaries, and a comprehensive list of authorities.

Comprehensive Information in Every Memo

Each research memo created by Alexi encompasses four crucial elements:

  • Question: The memo records the question you submitted, along with the date the memo was prepared.
  • Conclusion: Alexi provides a succinct summary of the key legal points set out in the memo.
  • Law: Your question is fully addressed, with quotes and summaries from relevant caselaw and legislation included in the memo.
  • Authorities: Each memo contains a hyperlinked list of cases and legislation cited by Alexi.

In a fast-paced and evolving legal landscape, Alexi provides a swift, reliable, and comprehensive legal research solution. Its ability to simplify complex research tasks using advanced AI, combined with human oversight, makes it a trusted partner for legal professionals seeking to “Know the Law with Confidence”. The future of legal research is here – it’s time to embrace it with Alexi.